Episode Two – Two Guys, a Ghoul and a Flesh Eater Court

Episode Two is here!

In this episode we discuss our hobby progress, the games we’ve been playing in our local campaign, the inaugural Age of Sigmar Sunday Session and a review of the Flesh Eater Courts battletome.

It’s about double the length of our last episode at around 2 hours and 20 mins.

Please make sure to get in touch if you have any feedback

Email – podcast@heraldsofwar.com
Twitter – @heraldsofwar

Clint’s Twitter – @kluncau
Jesse’s Twitter – @Boiling_Point_
Mark’s Twitter – @Googly_Squig

Episode Breakdown

0:00:00-0:14:55 – Intro and Hobby Progress/Games Played
0:14:59-0:57:40 – Age of Sigmar Sunday Session #1
0:57:40-0:58:35 – Music Break
0:58:35-1:28:07 – Flesh Eater Courts Fluff and Battle Plans
1:28:11-2:16:33 – Flesh Eater Warscrolls and War Scroll Battalions. Thoughts on multiple versions of warscrolls (eg Terrorgheist)
2:16:38-2:17:41 – Outro
2:17:41-2:19:10 – Outro Song and Contact Details – Murder by New Order

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