Rankings Info

The Australian Matched Play Rankings for Age of Sigmar.

You can find them here

So here’s how it works:

  • Seasons run from 1st November until 31st October the following year.
  • TOs can submit their tournament results to rankings@heraldsofwar.com, including player name, position and army allegiance (Grand Alliance if mixed)
  • a minimum of 12 players and 3 rounds is required for an event to be included
  • a 24 player, 5 round event is required for the event to earn full points (I.e 100pts for first place)
  • the top 16 players from around the country will be invited to a Masters tournament each December

A couple of things to note:

  • only events where each individual’s results are tracked can be submitted eg. no doubles events. However, team events where each player plays their own game individually are allowed. 
  • only TOs should submit results. It’s their prerogative to have their tournament in the rankings.
  • should there be an issue with your results in the rankings, contact your TO so they can sort it out with us.

Submitting results

  1. Download this sheet – http://www.heraldsofwar.com/documents/rankings-sheet.xls
  2. Fill it in with as much detail as possible, including allegiances if the army is a pure allegiance list
  3. Email it to rankings@heraldsofwar.com