Who are the Heralds?

So just who are the Heralds of War?


Clint is our resident Podmaster (a title bestowed by Mark) and is in control of the mixing desk and editing software.

He’s been playing since 2000 and is a big fan of the undead. A hobby butterfly, Clint is known in the playing group for starting projects, getting distracted and selling the project again.


Jesse is the newbie on the scene, starting in miniature wargaming with Age of Sigmar. He’s usually found gushing over the fluff of his armies and painting copious amounts of gold.

Jesse is very much ‘all in’ on Age of Sigmar and pretty much any hobby he has (which is many…)


Mark has been playing the longest out of all of us, starting when the models were just blocks of wood you had to carve yourself. He’s a lover of all things theme and does not like to mix his Khorne with his Slaanesh.

Mark is usually found hassling Clint about painting nights.